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Hi, Max,

Not an expert, but I think the memory is multiplied by the number of 
threads. Meaning, you start with an initial heap for that thread and add 
to that the states and other internal variables (repeat that for all the 
threads). At least that I noticed from my codes by now. If I am wrong, I 


On 11/21/2011 11:57 AM, Max Bourinov wrote:
> Hi Erlangers,
> I am wondering how my Erlang app would behave in this case:
> I have a lot identical processes (the same module, state of couse is 
> different in each process). The module that I swap many times has a 
> huge function. I want to clarify how much memory it will take? It will 
> take memory for that huge function in each process or only once?
> I believe it will take memory only once, but I want to make sure.
> Best regards,
> Max
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