[erlang-questions] discrete event simulation

Ryan Harrison rharrison@REDACTED
Fri Nov 18 15:52:05 CET 2011

Sorry for the late response, I flagged this e-mail for responding to,
but accidentally also archived it.

I am doing research in discrete distributed simulation and have read the
paper that you are referring to. I have not found any other references to
using Erlang for simulation work. I think this is because not one really
ran with the research and produced more papers. There may be industrial
applications that have been built, but since those tend to be internal
projects and not outward facing products there isn't much press on them :-)
The mainline languages that are used for simulation tend to be OO based, so
you see a lot of discussion of using Java and C++, but almost nothing for
other languages.

I don't feel that there is a significant advantage in using something like
C++, because Erlang/OTP allows for the encapsulation that OO is being used
for. Also to be quite honest when it comes to large distributed simulations
I suspect that modern Erlang would beat the pants off more traditional
languages wrt to engineering costs and performance, since doing large scale
threading and concurrency in most OO languages is a pain. I am looking at
doing a comparison of implementing in C++ and Erlang for distributed
simulation, but I don't have a lot of spare time to work on it.
-Ryan Harrison

On 13 October 2011 09:36, Floris van Manen <vm@REDACTED> wrote:

> While googling around for (simple) erlang implementations of discrete
> event simulations,
> i come across a single paper about the subject.
> "Discrete Event Simulation in Erlang" by A. Ermedahl (1995)
> Does it mean that is a non issue, or an ultimate example of write once use
> for ever ?
> Is there more information available ?
> Thanks
> .Floris
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