[erlang-questions] escript cutting output

Samuel samuelrivas@REDACTED
Fri Nov 18 14:46:25 CET 2011

>> Have you tried this:
>> ...
>> This is a different situation to the one Ulf was describing in that thread
>> I think.

No, that doesn't fix it. And I'd be surprised if it did since
io:format, in the end, just sends messages to the group leader and
waits for a {io_reply, ...} message back.

As far as I understood, the real problem is that there is not a proper
way of waiting for the io system to flush the output before stopping
the VM. On top of that a number of workarounds can be done, being the
most straightforward one waiting for a period of time before exiting.
The rest are just doing fancy stuff hoping to interact with the

If that's true, I'll just live with it for now. But I'd like to know
if this is something the OTP team consider broken, something they
don't really care but would like to receive a patch to fix it, or
something that is designed on purpose and will not be changed anyways.

Thanks all for your responses

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