[erlang-questions] Help wanted: very specific web server that perhaps doesn't have to be a web server

Max Bourinov bourinov@REDACTED
Thu Nov 17 15:19:27 CET 2011

Hi Ivan,

For the same purpose we use webmachine (mochiweb is a part of it) as it
runs very well.

Why don't you like this approach? It solves many potential problems you may

Best regards,

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 4:39 PM, Ivan Uemlianin <ivan@REDACTED> wrote:

> Dear All
> Sorry for the verbose subject line.
> I'm working on a social-networking web application, part of which is
> written in erlang (it's part django and part erlang, with nginx in front).
>  I'm refactoring the erlang to give it a better OTP application structure.
>  It'll break down something like this:
> - webserver (currently mochiweb)
> - datastore for "state"
> - datastore for "archive"
> Now, there's a single GET request url that I'd like to run in a separate
> application.  The service that this url provides is completely separate
> (e.g., could exist on its own; we'd want it to fail separately; provides
> service to other webapps).  So:
> - general webserver (currently mochiweb)
> - datastore for "state"
> - datastore for "archive"
> - thing for special web service
> The special web service responds to GET requests to a particular url. The
> path and parameters are always the same.  Like this:
>    http://eg.com/special_service/**?a=this&b=that&c=other<http://eg.com/special_service/?a=this&b=that&c=other>
> Nginx will catch these requests and send them to the thing, and I have an
> erlang function that processes the parameters and returns a result. All I
> need is something that will (a) take the parameters from the request and
> give them to the function, and (b) take the function results, wrap them in
> an http response and send them back to nginx.
> This thing for special web service could easily be Mochiweb (and that's
> what I'll be working with for now).  I wondered if there might be something
> simpler (inets?) which more narrowly fits my minimal requirements (this
> might be partly an nginx question --- can nginx pass on GET parameters to a
> running process and return the result to the original requester?  I'll be
> looking into that too).
> Sorry if this is too hand-wavy for sensible answers.
> With thanks and best wishes
> Ivan
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