[erlang-questions] escript cutting output

Samuel samuelrivas@REDACTED
Thu Nov 17 09:54:49 CET 2011

S***t! Now I'm reaching the list, but gmail ate all my whitespace.
Reformatted below:


I'm having trouble with an escript that outputs quite a lot of
information and I'm not sure where I have to look for a clean
solution. I traced my problem down to next simple escript:

#!/usr/bin/env escript

main(_) ->
   io:format("~p~p~n", [lists:duplicate(100000, $a), b]).

If I run this in a linux terminal emulator the output gets cut
somewhere in the middle of the a characters, the b never shows:

$ io_test

I found several ways of getting it to work, but none convincing. E.g.:

 * Putting cat in the middle:

$ io_test | cat

 * Putting a timer:sleep(1000) after the io:format works also

I tried calling init:stop() before exiting in the hope of it waiting
for the io system to exit clenaly, but that didn't make any

Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?

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