[erlang-questions] Unicode problems

eurekafag eurekafag@REDACTED
Wed Nov 16 17:38:10 CET 2011

Thanks, I know that. The question is why the io:format behavior
differs with and without -noinput option and how to print strings so
they are printed the same in both cases.

2011/11/16 Michael Uvarov <freeakk@REDACTED>:
> After compilation the first string is the Unicode string:
> [1058,1077,1089,1090,1086,1074,1072,1103,32,1089,1090,1088,1086,1082,1072]
> And the second string is the list of bytes:
> [208,162,208,181,209,129,209,130,208,190,208,178,208,176,209,143,32,209,129,209,130,209,128,208,190,208,186,208,176]

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