[erlang-questions] gen_sctp:connect() always fail

Victoria Pometsko victoria.pometsko@REDACTED
Thu Nov 10 14:08:35 CET 2011


I'm trying  to work with sctp sockets using gen_sctp module, and faced the following problem:

Client side code:

{ok, S}=gen_sctp:open(5555, [{ip,{127,0,0,1}},  binary, inet, {active, true}, {reuseaddr, true}]).
%% res : {ok,#Port<0.5931>}

gen_sctp:connect(S, {127,0,0,1}, 6666,[]).
%% res : {error,{sctp_assoc_change,cant_assoc,0,0,0,0}}

(if I'm using connect_init(), recv()  result is the same)

The thing that I also do not understand why example code from  http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/gen_sctp.html
Is also not working for me:

  client(localhost, 2006) when is_integer(Port) ->
      {ok,S}     = gen_sctp:open(),
      {ok,Assoc} = gen_sctp:connect(S, Host, Port, [{sctp_initmsg,#sctp_initmsg{num_ostreams=5}}]) ....
        %% It fails with: {error,{sctp_assoc_change,cant_assoc,0,0,0,0}}

The environment is:
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (i586)

I read at http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/gen_sctp.html that gen_sctp implementation has only been tested on several Linux versions.

So the questions are:
Can I have such results because of the environment?
If no, then how do you think, what am I missing?

With best regards,

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