[erlang-questions] Issues with SSL Sockets and HTTPC

Eric Boyer eric.boyer@REDACTED
Wed Nov 9 00:36:20 CET 2011

Hi all,

I've got a webmachine/mochiweb server up and running accepting SSL
connections to transfer files via a streamed body.  There are 2 issues that
I'm seeing:

1. Very often the sockets close themselves 'randomly', approximately 5% of
the time. Resulting in errors during the write process.  Code is at the end
of the email.



These errors both stem from read from the socket. Now my question is, why
are closed socket errors occurring so often? How would I go about trying to
mitigate and/or prevent these issues from happening?

2. I'm using the 'chunkify' option on the httpc request which allows a
stream of data to the webserver, the issue that I'm seeing is that when the
connection is forcibly shutdown (ssl socket read error, issue #1), httpc
will sometimes attempt another request of the same type automatically!
There doesn't seem to be anything that I can see that controls this
behaviour. Is there any way to turn this off? Is there something that I'm
doing wrong? It seems more like a bug than anything else as it only happens
occasionally. - - [08/Nov/2011:18:14:55 -0500] "HEAD /files/test19.txt
HTTP/1.1" 200 chunked "" "" - - [08/Nov/2011:18:14:55 -0500] "PUT /files/test19.txt HTTP/1.1"
500 697 "" "" - - [08/Nov/2011:18:14:55 -0500] "PUT /files/test19.txt HTTP/1.1"
500 697 "" ""

This error report is generated on the duplicate retry, but not when it
functions properly:

=ERROR REPORT==== 8-Nov-2011::18:29:47 ===
Received unexpected ssl data on {sslsocket,new_ssl,<0.850.0>}
   Data:       <<"HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error\r\nServer:
MochiWeb/1.1 WebMachine/1.9.0 (someone had painted it blue)\r\nDate: Tue,
08 Nov 2011 23:29:47 GMT\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\nContent-Length:
   MFA:        undefined
   Request:    undefined
   Session:    {session,{{"localhost",443},<0.849.0>},
   Status:     keep_alive
   StatusLine: undefined
   Profile:    httpc_manager

Thanks for reading! Any tips would be appreciated.

Eric Boyer

Server (Webmachine):

content_types_accepted(ReqData, Context) ->
   CT = case wrq:get_req_header("content-type", ReqData) of
             undefined -> "application/octet-stream";
             X -> X
    {MT, _Params} = webmachine_util:media_type_to_detail(CT),
    {[{MT, accept_content}], ReqData, Context}.

accept_content(ReqData, Context) ->
   Path = "/some/path/",
  stream_data_to_disk(wrq:stream_req_body(ReqData, ?CHUNK), Path, Start);

stream_data_to_disk(Data, File, Position) ->
  {ok, FH} = file:open(File, [binary, raw, write, read]),
  stream_data_to_disk(Data, FH).

stream_data_to_disk({Hunk, done}, File) ->
file:write(File, Hunk),

stream_data_to_disk({Hunk, Next}, File) ->
file:write(File, Hunk),
stream_data_to_disk(Next(), File).


read_file({file, Name, Pid, RemotePos}) ->
case file:open(Name, [read, raw, binary]) of
{ok, FD} ->
Context = utils:get_md5_context(FD, RemotePos),
read_file({fd, FD, Pid, Context});
{error, _} ->
read_file({fd, FD, Pid, Cntx}) ->
case file:read(FD, ?CHUNK) of
{ok, Data} ->
NewContext = crypto:md5_update(Cntx, Data),
{ok, Data, {fd, FD, Pid, NewContext}};
eof ->
Pid ! {hash, crypto:md5_final(Cntx)},
_ ->

transmit(FileName, Url, _, Size) ->
Pid = self(),
RemotePos = get_size(filename:basename(FileName), Url),
{url(Url, filename:basename(FileName)),
 [range_header(RemotePos, Size - RemotePos, Size)],
{chunkify, fun read_file/1, {file, FileName, Pid, RemotePos}}},[{ssl,
[{reuse_sessions, true}]}], [{body_format, binary}] )
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