[erlang-questions] [ANN] Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver

Anton Lebedevich mabrek@REDACTED
Tue Nov 8 06:40:54 CET 2011

On 11/01/2011 11:59 AM, Dmitry Demeshchuk wrote:
> 1. It's kind of weird that you use such a sequence:
> {ok, C} = pgsql_sock:start_link(),
> pgsql_sock:connect(C, Host, Port, ...)
> It would be more consistent if you passed all the necessary parameters
> into pgsql_sock:start_link and initiated the connection in
> pgsql_sock:init/1, so it will look like:
> {ok, Pid} = pgsql_sock:start_link(Options)
> where Options is a proplist.

Good idea, will try it.
start_link then connect sequence came from original implementation, I
haven't changed it yet.

> 2. Using a proplist of options instead of listing these options (like
> host and port) as mandatory parameters may be reasonable.

It came from original implementation too.
BTW, if I use proplists in this case how can I requre some parameters
(e.g. host and port) to be passed?

> 4. I'd also consolidate pgsql_binary and pgsql_wire modules. Probably,
> also moved the functions with binary pattern matchings from pgsql_sock
> too. After all, the entire purpose is to describe the PostgreSQL
> protocol and it might be more convenient if it's handled by a single
> module.

There are two ideas behind them: wire protocol and column format.
pgsql_wire decodes and encodes whole messages. pgsql_binary only deals
with columns in binary format inside DataRow messages.
I'm considering adding pgsql_text module to handle columns in text
format, it will save one database roundtrip on equery.

Anton Lebedevich.

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