[erlang-questions] Rack (ruby on rails) adapter for Cowboy

Max Lapshin max.lapshin@REDACTED
Fri Nov 4 15:23:12 CET 2011

As I've promised yesterday, I've written q'n'd adapter for cowboy to
start Ruby on Rails application behind erlang HTTP server
and pass requests to it:   https://github.com/erlyvideo/rack

I've added example to start application, which is
copy-paste-compatible with cowboy-example repository, so it should

For those, who haven't understood anything.

Cowboy is a HTTP server, written in Erlang.
Ruby on Rails is a very convenient and fast-to-develop framework,
written in Ruby language.

Rack is a name of API for Ruby, that tells how should framework behave
to be plugged into any server.
I've implemented simple adapter for Rack, that allows to launch Rails
application behind erlang server.

It is possible to combine Rack with https://github.com/extend/bullet
to get Comet messaging without pack of hard-to-deploy servers (nginx
doesn't have builtin Comet yet).

This Rack adapter can be ported to any other server like yaws,
mochiweb, misultin or inets, the only cowboy dependency it

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