[erlang-questions] erl startup issue

Wes James comptekki@REDACTED
Thu Nov 3 20:13:18 CET 2011

When I do this:

erl -name node@REDACTED -pa /usr/local/src/misultin/ebin -run my_mod start
8080 -run my_second_mod

my_second_mod starts fine but the misultin part won't auto-start.
After erl has started I have to run it manually:  my_mod:start(8080).

This is the top of the test misultin code:

-export([start/1, stop/0]).

% start misultin http server
start(Port) when is_integer(Port) ->
    io:format("~n is integer ~n"),
start([Port]) ->
    io:format("~n is list: ~p ~n",[Port]),

start1(Port) ->
io:format("~n in start1 ~n"),
    misultin:start_link([{port, Port}, {loop, fun(Req) ->
handle_http(Req, Port) end}, {ws_loop, fun(Ws) -> handle_websocket(Ws)


I can tell that it is reaching start1() from either the -run or from
inside erl, but the misultin:start_link doesn't seem to work from
-run.  Any ideas why?

The reason I have two start() funs, is if started via erl -run the
8080 comes in as ["8080"], whereas in erl VM , it is just an integer
with my_mod:start(8080).



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