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Thu Nov 3 16:42:55 CET 2011

Torben, thanks for detailed answer!

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Torben Hoffmann <torben.lehoff@REDACTED>wrote:

> Mnesia in AWS is not a bit problem, but you have to deal with the fact
> that your instance can disappear and everything is lost, so you need do a
> bit of thinking about how to deal with that. I bet some of the Mnesia gurus
> can help you with some pointers there.

This should be a general problem, not just Mnesia. What is Amazon idea what
user should do with his data stored in DBMS, e.x. MySql,  when instance

Have  anybody tried to run Erlang ETS / DETS key-value storage on Amazon
AWS? How  to scale ETSDETS to several instances in this case?

>  2) My app today consists of several standalone processes that communicate
> by means of simple files. I move from files to key-value store, but would
> like to preserve independent processes communicating with each other. What
> is a natural Erlang way to do this? How this natural way will be able to
> scale in AWS?
> Erlang is all about message passing directly between processes - forget
> about the files. It scales extremely well in AWS. Disclaimer: we have not
> tried to do inter-machine communication with our newest architecture, but I
> doubt it will be much of an issue.

Will I need some external Message Queue product (such as RabbitMQ) for two
Erlang machines to communicate? I know about general mechanism of message
passing between Erlang processes in the same or several machines. But what
about "store-and-forward" mechanism between machines, is it supported? As I
understand, I myself will have to implement persistent store to save
messages between instance restarts, Erlang OTP does not have this "out of
the box", correct?

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