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Miriam Pena miriam.pena@REDACTED
Wed Nov 2 18:01:50 CET 2011

There are a couple of "not yet officially supported" functions in the module ssh_connection named direct_tcpip and tcpip_forward. We are using the first one to set up a ssh tunnel in a project and so far we have not encountered any problem.

/Miriam Pena

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2011/10/25 József Bérces <jozsef.berces@REDACTED>:
> Is it possible to set up port forwarding with the erlang SSH client?

As far as I know, the OTP SSH client doesn't have any option that
would support this. However, you can open a connection using
ssh:connect, then pass along data that connection using the
ssh_connection module. So you should be able to implement a tunnel
over the OTP SSH client.
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