[erlang-questions] [ANN] LETS - LevelDB-based Erlang Term Storage v0.5.1

Joseph Wayne Norton norton@REDACTED
Wed Nov 2 00:48:14 CET 2011

Tristan -

Hi.  I have no plans at this moment to add match support.

There is a list of roadmap items on the overview.edoc (https://github.com/norton/lets/blob/master/doc/overview.edoc#L250) file.


On 2011/11/02, at 2:10, Tristan Sloughter wrote:

> Hmm, this could be exactly what I've wanted. 
> Are there plans to support match?
> And would this be something like I'd have LevelDB running on A and the Erlang drivers communicate over whatever LevelDB protocol there is from B? As in, would it be more like using an external DB than Mnesia. This actually is something I would like since I want to use an Erlang term storage but I want to be able to use services like Dotcloud that separate out database and web services.
> Thanks!
> Tristan
> On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Joseph Wayne Norton <norton@REDACTED> wrote:
> LETS is an alternative Erlang Term Storage using LevelDB as the storage implementation. LETS tries to address some bad properties of ETS and DETS. ETS is limited by physical memory. DETS is limited by a 2 GB file size limitation and does not implement ordered sets. LETS has neither of these limitations.
> For testing and comparison purposes, LETS supports three implementations:
>        • drv C++ Driver with LevelDB backend (default)
>        • nif C++ NIF with LevelDB backend
>        • ets Erlang ETS backend
> LETS is not intended to be an exact clone of ETS. The currently supported APIs are:
>        • new/2
>        • destroy/2 only driver and nif implementations
>        • repair/2 only driver and nif implementations
>        • insert/2
>        • insert_new/2 only the ets implementation
>        • delete/1
>        • delete/2
>        • delete_all_objects/1 only the ets implementation
>        • lookup/2
>        • first/1
>        • next/2
>        • info/2 only a subset of items
>        • tab2list/1
> For further information and instructions to download, please see the https://github.com/norton/lets repository on GitHub.
> thanks,
> Joe N.
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