[erlang-questions] Calling my computer from my cell

Yves S. Garret yoursurrogategod@REDACTED
Tue Nov 1 23:16:34 CET 2011

Hey guys,

   I was just thinking, purely hypothetical, I would love to have an app
that I can have running on my server that if I dial a specific number, I
can change the state of that app (or set something in a database or edit a
file.)  This is just a simple 'why not?' project to put a smirk on my face.
 However, I'm not sure even where to begin... if someone could point me in
the right direction, I would really appreciate it.  By the way, I live in
the US.  Do I need to register my own phone number?  How about just a
land-line going into my apartment?  Can OTP play a role here?

   Yeah, going in this direction with eyes wide open and completely unaware
of what I'm going to run into :-) .  Any help is appreciated.
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