[erlang-questions] compiling problems under OS X Lion

Sean Moss-Pultz sean@REDACTED
Fri Jul 22 17:20:53 CEST 2011

Hi List

I'm trying to build R14B03 under OS X Lion. (Xcode v4.1). I'm getting
the following error:


=== Entering application hipe
(cd ../main && make hipe.hrl)
sed -e "s;%VSN%;3.8;" ../../hipe/main/hipe.hrl.src > ../../hipe/main/hipe.hrl
erlc -W  +debug_info +inline -o../ebin hipe_rtl.erl
(no error logger present) error: "Error in process <0.1.0> with exit
value: {{badfun,[<<5 bytes>>,<<47 bytes>>,<<9 bytes>>,<<3 bytes>>,<<2
bytes>>,<<5 bytes>>,<<12 bytes>>,<<2 bytes>>,<<8 bytes>>,<<8
bytes>>,<<5 bytes>>,<<7 bytes>>,<<5 bytes>>,<<11 bytes>>,<<2
bytes>>,<<11 bytes>>,<<15 bytes>>,<<4 bytes>>,<<50 bytes>>,<<5
bytes>>,<<1 byte>>,<<7 bytes>>,<<10 bytes>>,<<7 bytes>>,<<6
bytes>>,<<7 bytes>>,<<7 bytes>>,<<6 bytes>>,<<12


People using homebrew seem to have the same issue:


They say to use --use-gcc when running ./configure. I've tried this
but it didn't change the error. Can somebody help me with this?



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