[erlang-questions] remsh

Carlo Bertoldi carlo.bertoldi@REDACTED
Tue Jul 12 18:06:30 CEST 2011

Hello list,
  I'm trying to connect to a remote node and execute a function.
If I do it the manual way, it works:

erl -sname foo -remsh prova@REDACTED
1> probe_db_manager:cleanup().

But if I try to do it entirely from the cli it gets angry:

erl -sname foo -remsh prova@REDACTED -run probe_db_manager cleanup

{"init terminating in 

probe_db_manager is a gen_server process.
I also tried this: erl -sname foo -remsh prova@REDACTED -run global 
whereis_name probe_db_manager
and it returns nothing.


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