[erlang-questions] Erlang-Java interface through ordinary ports

Daniel Dormont dan@REDACTED
Tue Jul 12 00:14:49 CEST 2011

Hello Erlangers,

I would like to have an Erlang application (specifically the auth_external
module in Ejabberd) communicate with a Java program I am writing. Not as a
node, but rather using the port driver API, since that is what Ejabberd
already supports. From the information I've seen, it shouldn't be too
terribly hard - just listen for data in System.in, look for a two-byte chunk
that when read as a short specifies the number of additional bytes to read,
and repeat. I'm just wondering if this is something that's considered normal
and reasonable to do, any gotchas I should be aware of, etc.

The only reason I'm picking Java is the rest of my application is Java and
I'd like to reuse some libraries and such.

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