[erlang-questions] Examining Erlang crash dumps - how to account for all memory?

Magnus Falk magnus.falk@REDACTED
Fri Jul 8 16:28:55 CEST 2011

This is a copy of a question I asked over at StackOverflow that noone has
been able to answer yet:

I've been poring over this Erlang crash dump where the VM has run out of
heap memory. The problem is that there is no obvious culprit allocating all
that memory.

Using some serious black awk magic I've summed up the fields Stack+heap,
OldHeap, Heap unused and OldHeap unused for each process and ranked them by
memory usage. The problem is that this number doesn't come even close to the
number that is representing the total memory for all the processes
processes_used according to the Erlang crash dump guide.

I've already tried the Crashdump Viewer and either I'm missing something or
there isn't much help there for my kind of problem.

The number I get is 525 MB whereas the processes_used value is at 1348 MB.
Where can I find the rest of the memory?

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