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At the risk of being offensive, your challenge seems to have no technical merit and telling people to "just stick to the rules" will likely garner you no participants. Sever people have asked why you want to measure this sort of system where, as Joe points out, the size of data ensures it will be cached in a real system. There are a number of other interesting problems where Erlang is an ideal answer because of its fault-tolerant nature and relative ease in building / managing distributed systems. Speed, as Joe noted, is not necessarily Erlang's strongest point. It's "fast enough", and for problem that lend themselves to parallelization, is interesting. If your point is to try to get people to go to a lot of effort to create a meaningless benchmark, then I wish you luck but don't be surprised at the questions, pushback or general lack of participation, especially with the tone you are using in your messages.

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>> Why measure this? Serving static content is one of the least
>> interesting things I can think of
>> to study. Any network worth the name won't bother to access the "root"
>> server but will cache the content upstream.
> I disagree. That's not what the challenge is about.
> Why don't just try it and avoid (useless) questions!
>> How fast you can serve up dynamic content is far more interesting,
>> since it can't be cached.
> This will be part of my second challenge of course.
> For now, let's stick with the first challenge rules please.
> Regards
> /Zab
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