[erlang-questions] WTF?

Valentin Micic v@REDACTED
Wed Jul 6 08:20:41 CEST 2011

Are you blaming a language for the application's misbehavior?
Blaming a runtime environment for not producing application specific errors?


On 06 Jul 2011, at 2:52 AM, Mike Oxford wrote:

> erl running inside of a backgrounded emacs in the original directory
> seems to have been the culprit.
> Killed it off, nuked the directory, used the merged backup with the
> rebuilt-nodes and things are good again.
> If two things are going to kill Erlang's uptake it's not going to be
> the syntax, the performance, the functional-way-of-thinking... it'll
> be the terrible error messages and the arcane build/packaging, both of
> which make Erlang feel like a house of cards you can't even look at
> wrong and, thus, give no confidence in actually running it in
> production.  (Not to mention just plain annoying devs to the point
> they walk away from it, which is what kills more languages over time
> than anything else.)
> Party on...
> -mox
> On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Mike Oxford <moxford@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Application tree was working...has been for weeks.
>> Ran rebar and it crashed, shit all over my nodes (again.)  No problem,
>> been there done that, fix it up...
>> Now when I run it (after rebar's generate) it gives me the "undef
>> start/2" error.
>> Spend hours trying to figure out everything from how my lib_dirs got
>> changed, env, everything, full cleans, everything.
>> Pull a backup ... it works.
>> Hand merge all new changes... works, runs fine.
>> Nuke the directory and copy the backup into the directory....undef start/2.
>> Copy the entire tree to another directory ... runs fine.
>> What/where/WTF has been corrupted that running it from a specific
>> directory would cause issues?
>> /opt/name/proj <-- undef start/2, used to work
>> /opt/name/wtf/proj <-- works
>> My lib_dirs have not changed, binary cp -r between the two directories
>> so they're identical.
>> Rebar may have caused it, but now that it's in this completely f'd up
>> state I need to figure out how to get it OUT of this state, since
>> rebar's just a packaging system in front of erlexec.
>> So ... two identical directory structures, one works and one does not.
>> Again, it's been working for weeks .. this is not a fundamental issue
>> but more "state."
>> I have -not- rebooted.  I want to understand this fully before I push
>> in into production.
>> Anyone know of a good place to start digging?
>> TIA.
>> -mox
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