[erlang-questions] Scoped group leaders

Yurii Rashkovskii yrashk@REDACTED
Mon Jul 4 18:13:50 CEST 2011


> The only thing that would concern me (from
> looking at your implementation) is how much over head is added to
> process creation. I think thats probably the main unknown, there are
> probably some other things as well.

Judging by my limited "unscientific" performance testing that I did
yesterday, I've got virtually no impact for situations where you do
not create any extra group leaders (i.e. running code that can be done
today). In a case when you have a hundred extra group leaders, it
slows down by about 2.5 times.

Please bear in mind that current implementation is a proof-of-concept
level quality. I can already foresee some techniques for speeding up
group leader allocation by allocating on process creation in bulk,
it's rather simple and will reduce number of allocations to just one.
In fact, this is so easy I might update this PoC implementation rather
soon! It sounds like a good idea.

> Just out of curiosity does a group leader go away when a group dies?

Define group death?

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