[erlang-questions] EDoc - Generate Docs For Private Functions

Miguel Morales therevoltingx@REDACTED
Sun Dec 25 03:02:28 CET 2011

Hi All,

I'm starting to use edoc to document an existing erlang code base.
The easiest way I've found is to add a doc target to my Makefile that
does the following:

DOC_OPTS={{private,true}, {todo,true}, def,{version,\"${VERSION}\"}}
erl -pa ./ebin -noshell -eval "edoc:application(${APPNAME}, \".\",
[${DOC_OPTS}])." -s init stop

However, there is no html documentation generated for modules that
don't explicitly export its functions.
I see in the documentation edoc:get_doc which takes an options tuple
but I'm not sure what the best way to use this with the existing
makefile by adding the least amount of code.  That's why I was hoping
that edoc:application would honor the {private, true} flag.

Any hints or ideas?

Thanks for any help.

~ Jeremiah:9:23-24
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