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Jesper Louis Andersen jesper.louis.andersen@REDACTED
Thu Dec 22 23:13:06 CET 2011

On 12/21/11 12:41 AM, Joseph Norton wrote:
> I'd recommend to use QuickCheck (http://www.quviq.com/) and/or PropEr 
> (http://proper.softlab.ntua.gr/) for testing Erlang and non-Erlang 
> applications. Just in case no one else has mentioned either of these 
> tools to you.
We use PropEr in etorrent currently. We were using QuickCheck until 
Magnus Klaar changed us to PropEr. We run PropEr from eunit actually, 
just because it is easier to hook into the tool chain. But this is for 
internal testing of individual modules.

The other tool we use it Common Test (ct) which is a bit more involved 
to set up. We use it to spawn a small local BitTorrent network and test 
that our application can communicate with itself and a foreign 
BitTorrent client. This tend to weed out many problems right away. The 
advantage of Erlang is that you can use it through ct to control other 
applications while you are running tests.

So my approach would be: Internal test => eunit, Large scale blackbox 
test => CommonTest. And finally, use PropEr or QuickCheck for writing 
the test cases so you can automatically generate a couple 1000 tests and 
get your system properly tested.

Jesper Louis Andersen
   Erlang Solutions Ltd., Copenhagen, DK

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