[erlang-questions] Continuous Integration and Release Management for Erlang projects

Jesper Louis Andersen jesper.louis.andersen@REDACTED
Thu Dec 22 10:21:29 CET 2011

On 12/22/11 1:13 AM, Zabrane Mickael wrote:
> I found *Travis CI* which seems to support Erlang:
> http://about.travis-ci.org/docs/user/languages/erlang/
> The *etorrent* project is already there:
> http://travis-ci.org/#!/jlouis/etorrent 
> <http://travis-ci.org/#%21/jlouis/etorrent>
> I'd like to know if you could share your experience (*etorrent*) guys?
We have pretty good experience with it. There has been some bumps and 
rocks thrown at us while using it, but it is alpha software, so expect 
this to be a test drive rather than a "real" thing. Going forward, for 
Open Source software, this is the right tool for the job. There is no 
reason as to why you should keep your own infrastructure to do build 
tests and such. The only nag I have is that it is somebody else who pays 
for the resource usage at Amazon - when money is tied into free projects 
like that, bad things tend to happen.

Before Travis CI, Magnus Klaar did a jenkins setup that also worked very 
well for us.

Note also, that we do two things more w.r.t builds: We have an IRC 
channel (#etorrent on Freenode) and in that channel there are two bots 
lurking ... one from CIA which mentions all commits made to the github 
repository and one that logs on from Travis whenever a build is either 
passing or failing. That way, you have an easy backlog of project 
developments present all the time in your IRC client. Persistent 
presence in the channel is done by either running a long-running irssi 
in a screen session on some machine, or by using the, rather excellent, 
irccloud.com service.

Jesper Louis Andersen
   Erlang Solutions Ltd., Copenhagen, DK

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