[erlang-questions] Suggestions for easy to use super stable lightweight http server?

Max Bourinov bourinov@REDACTED
Thu Dec 22 07:34:42 CET 2011

Hi Roberto,

I agree with you. I know what does it involves to manage open source
project. I do really appreciate with you do for community.

Best regards,

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 12:16 AM, Roberto Ostinelli <roberto@REDACTED>wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 9:46 AM, Max Bourinov <bourinov@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Hi Roberto,
>> That statement was not about misultin but about our approach in general.
>> Please, don't take it personaly. Actually I like API of misultin.
>> We will use webmachie only because we have experience with it. So, if
>> something will go wrong in one place something similar should be expected
>> everywhere and if everything is alright there are much less chances that
>> something will go wrong because of less code involved in the service
>> delivery process. This is what I believe in.
>> So, I promise if there are any problems with web interface in my project,
>> misultin will be the man and I will write about in this mail list.
>  Hi Max,
> I think you misunderstood me, I was not referring to your email. A library
> choice is obviously in developer's hands, who choose one for its features,
> performance, code usability, and such. I think only good things of
> webmachine, mochiweb, yaws, and cowboy.
> Instead, I was referring to Heinz [snippet of his email]:
> On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 7:45 AM, Heinz N. Gies <heinz@REDACTED> wrote:
>>  I was using misultin before (admitedly a pretty old version like 6 month
>> old) and updating broke my entire code to a point where migrating was less
>> effort.
> I've dedicated a lot of attention in not breaking backwards compatibility
> on misultin. Since AFAIK Heinz did not file any issues regarding this (I do
> realize that actually contributing to an open source project is much more
> time consuming than just plain stating opinions on a mailing list), I'm
> just curious to have some feedback on how that could happen, should Heinz
> be willing to share that information with me.
> I just don't like receiving public criticism of my work in this way, as I
> always hope to get constructive criticism. Otherwise, I might as well just
> keep my source closed, for that matters.
> r.
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