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uberdeveloper uberdeveloper001@REDACTED
Tue Dec 20 10:27:12 CET 2011

Three things to be noted by friend
 1) I believe more than the language its the mindset of the developer
that needs to be changed to try concurrent programming. If I am
programming in Erlang, I am definitely going to post my questions here
but what if I want to program concurrently but don't know what to do(I
can still post here but I think Q&A is better)
2) Multi-core architecture is hitting the peak but still most of the
applications don't use even 4 cores (forget nodes). I also researched
a few computer courses offered in colleges(not an extensive research)
and found Distributed, Parallel computing isn't thought critically. So
I believe a Q&A site would bring more awareness and increased user-
3) Finally the important part of your question. Psychologically,
developers tend to get berserk when we talk about the benefits of a
particular language, operating system or even a text editor and it
starts a whole series of language wars. And also I believe though
Erlang is not the right fit for traditional heavy-weight applications
such as number-crunching, signal processing but would be great for
message exchange. To put more clearly, Erlang's distributed abilities
would be better used in a MapReduce situation that could gel well with
existing applications (which most of the developers tend to disagree
with). The entire gamut of multi-processing may be entrusted to Erlang
while the logic may reside with each developer's programming language
of choice(this needs a debate, would post as a discussion today in
Already questions tagged with erlang in Stack Overflow is just around
a 1% and many developers think it as just an another language. Also,
we adopted Erlang because we wanted to program concurrently and not
because we know Erlang, we started program concurrently (that's how I
feel). So the need for the hour is to develop CDP programming and
Erlang would play a major part in it (That's why I put my first post

And for your previous proposal, this may also fail. But a quote to
To win, all you need to do is get up one more time than you fall down.

Thanks to all for taking the time to write and also request to post
sample questions in the new Q&A site

On Dec 20, 1:29 pm, Roberto Aloi <prof...@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi,
> The purpose of a Q&A website is different from the one of a mailing
> list. I believe the two means are actually complementary.
> If you have a practical, answerable, question which can have a
> definite answer, you should prefer a Q&A website, where finding
> solutions is easier and  answers are more concise and straight to the
> point.
> If your question is subjective or vague, a proposal for a new project,
> or it regards the organization of an event, then a mailing list is
> probably your place.
> The real problem here is if a *new* Q&A website is needed. You could
> simply subscribe to the "erlang", "functional-programming" and similar
> tags on Stack Overflow and reach the same objective that you're trying
> to achieve. I myself created a proposal for an Erlang Q&A long time
> ago, which died silently, marked as a duplicate of Stack Overflow. In
> retrospection, whoever voted the proposal as a duplicate, was probably
> right.
> My 2p to the discussion.
> Cheers,
> Roberto
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