[erlang-questions] source file encoding

Justus mapandfold@REDACTED
Mon Dec 19 11:18:07 CET 2011

Hi all,

Strings must be in the ISO-latin-1 character set. I remember that
errors will be reported if other characters occurring in a .erl file
when compiling.

But when trying R15B, it looks that values beyond ISO-latin-1 are also
accepted. So now, we can use UTF8 without BOM encoding, and with the
help of ct_expand, I managed to say "hello world" in Chinese

I wonder is there any plan add Unicode support in string- and

-compile({parse_transform, ct_expand}).

-define(STR(S), ct_expand:term(unicode:characters_to_list(list_to_binary(S)))).

hello_world() ->
    S = ?STR("你好, 世界"),
    io:format("~ts~n", [S]).

Best Regards,

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