[erlang-questions] Rebar - adding deps with nested apps

Steve Strong steve@REDACTED
Sun Dec 18 12:18:45 CET 2011


I've had a google and a look through the archives but can't find a good answer to my problem.  I've got a project that contains multiple apps, structured like this:


this is built and release using rebar, and it all works great.

I've then got another project which wants to reference proj1 as a dependency, using:

{deps, [{'proj1', ".*", {git, git_url, "HEAD"}}

this successfully pulls proj1 from git into the deps directory, but it then fails since rebar tries to look for a proj1.app file.  Can rebar pull down a dependency like this, and if so what should the config look like?

If not, I'll delve into the source and try to add support - are there any opinions as to how this should be structured?  The easiest way looks to be to add additional logic into the failure path of rebar_deps:is_app_available to recurse into the directory tree seeking out .app files and returning a list of them.  I've not yet looked beyond is_app_available and it's immediate callers - are there any other areas that would be impacted by such a change? Or is it just a really bad idea?



-- Steve Strong

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