[erlang-questions] Somebody please correct my -callback understanding

Daniel Luna daniel@REDACTED
Wed Dec 14 19:38:33 CET 2011

2011/12/14 Damian Dobroczyński <qoocku@REDACTED>:
> Wow, It's a miracle! I've just found the answer and (what I understand)
> a bug. IT IS "-behavior (...)" which is perfectly understood by the
> compiler but not by by the dialyzer! Dialyzer expects "-behaviour (...)"
> (note the different spelling).

This is not a bug.  Erlang has always used 'behaviour' (and
'behaviour_info').  See

As a side note, Erlang allows for any user defined elements starting with -.

If you for example add the following line to your code


then this is fully legal Erlang, and its effect is seen if you run




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