[erlang-questions] Erlang web framework

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter@REDACTED
Sun Dec 11 16:14:38 CET 2011

> All the links and buttons that can excute an action on the server are
> associated
> with an identification number which is a combination of server session
> id + request number+some automatic
> generated guid+some other thing

But to be honest with you, i would rather
> have my javascript generated automtically. I have written javascript
> some years ago and it is fun as long as your application
> is not big enough.

I think for Erlang you should definitely checkout Nitrogen. It seems to fit
best what you are looking for as an Erlang framework.

And as a story about Javascript and Opa, when I was first working with Opa
I noticed the compiler would catch simple mistakes in what would be
generated into html/javascript that I knew if I had been doing myself in
Javascript I would not have found till testing in the browser and having to
pull up firebug and debug. Static typing with javascript degeneration and
an XHTML datatype (the compile catches if you are missing an end tag </>)
is just amazing for productivity and stabability.

And while it still has many of the same problems as Javascript, I use
Coffeescript for everything now, which is muuuch better.

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