[erlang-questions] rebar -- how do I get useful error messages

Jon Watte jwatte@REDACTED
Fri Dec 2 23:36:17 CET 2011

Generally, I will start an editor in the working directory of the top of my
source tree.
The source tree contains "apps" and "rel," where "apps" contains my
different apps plus dependencies like mochiweb.
I have a makefile that just does "rebar compile" for the default action.

unfortunately, when I do this, the paths that come out of the compiler
error messages does not contain the "apps" directory or the name of the
actual app. For example, if I have an error in the file
"apps/myapp/src/somefile.erl" then the error message will say
"src/somefile.erl:44: some error here."
THIS, in turn, breaks the go-to-compile-error logic for the editor -- it
cannot find the file in question. I can string-substitute the output of
rebar to tack on "apps/" in front, but without the actual application,
that's not good enough, and I don't easily know which app name to also tack

So -- how do you guys solve this? Jumping to compile errors in the editor
is one of those basics that nobody really wants to live without, so I can't
imagine that an entire community is living without...



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