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Lennart Öhman Lennart.Ohman@REDACTED
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Hi, first you are correct you need to set the HOME windows environment variable. As far as I know, you can set it to anything actually. Dialyzer just requires it to exist, if you specify all other paths.

First you must build your own plt.

...\dialyzer  -build_plt -output_plt C:/mydir/myplt.plt -apps kernel stdlib erts

Then when you use it, simple specify -plt C:/mydir/myplt.plt

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Hello! I'm a newbie with erlang, i want to use dialyzer on Windows. I tried to use it but it required HOME enviroment. Then i used os:putenv/2 to declare HOME enviroment as my home path(like c:\Users\..). Then it gave "Could not read the PLT" error. So it wants an existing PLT. How can i create plt now?

Thank you

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