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Out of curiosity, what was wrong with having a huge module?


Le 19 août 2011 à 18:22, Michael Uvarov a écrit :

> Hello,
> About deps.
> I use module reloader from mochiweb. These dependencies can be
> removed, which I did on github.
> About unpredictability.
> It's very interesting.
> The first version of the library converted data to erlang code and
> loaded it. It was fast, but I had the huge module.
> Then, there are two versions of the DUCET file. It stores sorting
> settings. The first version is standard, the second is for the CLDR
> (although it is not yet implemented). That's why the library needs two
> copies (or more) of the data of the same type.
> In new realization, different processes are able to use different settings.
> Disadvantages of loading on the fly:
> eunit needs the timeout directive. Also, I don't know how to say to
> eunit to load ux before running tests. So, when  TESTS is defined,
> library behaves a little differently, because ux_unidata_filelist is
> not running.
> Does anybody khow  how to ask Eunit run application ux before the tests?
> There is no serialization: data stores in the ETS, the parser returns
> a function for each data type that knows how to get data and what to
> do if the ETS table was killed.
> In order to avoid unnecessary requests to other processes, these
> functions are cached in the dictionary process.
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