[erlang-questions] ux — a Unicode library

Dmitrii Dimandt dmitrii@REDACTED
Fri Aug 19 09:02:59 CEST 2011

Michael Uvarov, a member of the Russian Erlang community has developed a library to deal with Unicode: https://github.com/freeakk/ux


It works with Unicode Characters Database and contains all the functions to do that, contained in ux_string:
- case transforms: to_lower, to_upper
- normalization: to_nfc, to_nfd, ...
- works with grapheme clusters according to UTR29, http://unicode.org/reports/tr29/
- length, ...
- works with symbol types: types/1

UCA (Collation) has also been implemented in ux_uca. This module provides string sorting and comparison. It also provides a function to search for a substring:

- search
- sort
- compare
- sort_key - generates a sequence which can be then compared against a binary

Symbol data is stored in ETS and generated on first call. You can try it by running ./start-dev.sh

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