[erlang-questions] common test hiding errors?

Per Melin per.melin@REDACTED
Sun Aug 14 22:37:05 CEST 2011

On 14 aug 2011, at 22:01, Jon Watte wrote:

> This is what I like about eunit, btw: you can call the unit test function directly and it behaves just like in production. We ended up using eunit even for integration tests, with some small wrapper functions to make sure the necssary supervisors/applications are started/stopped. I imagine changing test frameworks may be expensive for you, though.

I guess that is my cue to mention a little library I've written that lets you run many (but not all) Common Test suites in EUnit instead, without changing them (more or less) at all. The minimum change required is to add a line to include a library header file.


My reason for creating this was that we use EUnit for integration tests, just like you, but at the same time I wanted the option to write some tests in the format of Common Test.

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