[erlang-questions] Erlang Web Libraries & Frameworks

Jesse Gumm gumm@REDACTED
Wed Aug 10 18:35:04 CEST 2011

Garret said:
> httpd is the only (feature complete) Erlang framework I'm aware of
> that uses a traditional "middleware" pattern that lets you chain
> arbitrary request handlers together. This lets you add in
> functionality at configuration time like auth, aliases, static content
> support, whatever-you-like, etc.

Nitrogen does also support custom request handlers for various types
(session, request routing, etc), so if you wanted to use mnesia or
mysql for session tracking, doing so is reasonably easy.

Then again, if the handler functionality provided by Nitrogen isn't
extensible enough for you, because Nitrogen isn't the webserver
itself, if it doesn't have a matching module, or a matching route
path, it'll pass the buck to the webserver of your choice (mochiweb,
yaws, inets, webmachine, and it looks like Rusty might have stealth
added Misultin support, I just noticed the code in the simple_bridge
now, I hadn't dug around in there for a while).  And if you need to
use a webserver not immediately supported, simple_bridge's request and
response handlers should be easy enough to hack.

"So it's got that going for it, which is nice."

Maybe as a side project in the coming weeks, I'll put together a
Chicago Boss or Cowboy bridge for Nitrogen just to learn that part of
the system.

Jesse Gumm
Sigma Star Systems

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