[erlang-questions] Best approach to creating a process/connection pool

Andrew Berman rexxe98@REDACTED
Thu Aug 4 09:01:30 CEST 2011

I'm fairly new to Erlang and I am trying to write a process pool which
essentially is a connection pool to a database.  I have designed the
application like this:  The main pool gen_server has a queue of PIDs
of gen_fsm's.  Each gen_fsm calls spawn_links a 3rd party gen_server and carries
the state of the connection.  So the 3rd party gen_server and the
gen_fsm should always live and die together.  I currently have set it
up such that gen_fsm calls proc_lib:spawn_link() to start the 3rd
party gen_server, but I'm wondering how this factors into the
supervision tree.  I currently have two supervisors:

Sup1 -> one_for_all -> 2 children: pool gen_server and Sup2
Sup2 -> simple_one_for_one -> 1 child: gen_fsm

So my question is: is it ok to use spawn_link instead of somehow
trying to put the 3rd party gen_server into the supervision tree?  If
it should go into the supervision tree, how would I organize the tree
then such that the gen_fsm and 3rd party gen_server are reliant on
each other?

Thanks for any help!

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