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I remember we discussed a list of "best practices" here on the mailing list at some point. This included how to tag announcements questions and discussions (such as [ANN] for announcements). 

Unfortunately I think this just died out but it would be really nice to have an Best Practices page perhaps by extending the FAQ[1] page which already exists?

Personally it would be easier to find the topics one think are interested if this was in place.

Any takers to start a thread and start creating these best practices?


[1]: http://www.erlang.org/faq.html

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Pleeeeeease start release announcements thusly:

   <Name> is a <Description>
   <Name> is available form <Url>

Fill in <Name> <Description> and <Url>

I've seen a releases of eres, yaws, ibrowse, announced
in the last couple of days. They did not have the above information.

I knew what *one* of these was.

Now I know that the person posing the article knows what the
thing is since they live breath and dream the code - but perhaps
everybody else on the planet doesn't know - so please tell them.

yaws - is a web server (I happened to know this)

I didn't know what the other two were without googling

You can't assume people who you've never met know what you're talking about.


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