Common test issues - Possible bug?

Mikkel Jensen mikkelgj@REDACTED
Fri Sep 24 18:40:53 CEST 2010

Hi list!

I have been working on setting up a test case using Erlang Common Test. The
test is pretty simple, it consists of a sequence of calls to ct_ssh:exec().

Running the test once works. Running the test a few times (using repeat),
usually works. But if i let the test suite repeat a large number of times,
it fails after successfully running the test multiple times (In my last
attempt it completed 42 runs, no joke, but it seems like the repeated runs
can stop at any time).

The error i'm getting is:
It is not possible to install CT while running in interactive mode.
To exit this mode, run ct:stop_interactive().
To enter the interactive mode again, run ct:start_interactive()

Does anyone know how i can avoid this, allowing me to run a large number of
repeated tests?

On a sidenote: I have noticed in the logs that ct_ssh will sometimes have
lost its connection when trying to call ct_ssh:exec(), and thus will attempt
to reconnect. This attempt will, however, always fail instantly. A
workaround i have made is to manually connect on each call i make to
ct_ssh:exec(). This seems less than ideal, is there a better way?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,

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