Can OTP worker resume from same state after being restarted by supervisor?

Tushar Deshpande tushar.erlang@REDACTED
Sun Sep 19 01:37:03 CEST 2010


I've a question about OTP's restart strategy.

I wrote a simple OTP application with just a root supervisor
and a single worker.  The worker has an internal state defined
by a single integer (count).  The 'count' is initialized to zero.
Each call to the worker process increments this count by one.
I called the worker process 5 times using gen_server:call.
This updated current value of counter to be 5.

Then, I opened the appmon and killed the worker process.
OTP supervisor promptly restarted it.  I thought that the
process would be resume with the same state that it had at
the time of crash.  But, I observed that for the restarted process,
the 'counter' was reset to zero.

I would like the process to resume from the same state after
it's restarted by supervisor.

Is it possible to do this in OTP?

Best Regards,

Tushar Deshpande

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