Cross-compiling with OpenSSL

Rickard Green
Thu Sep 16 17:46:33 CEST 2010

Alexey Romanov wrote:
> It turned out I need the crypto application in my embedded Erlang
> system. So I've cross-compiled OpenSSL 1.0.0a using this approach:
> copied apps/openssl, include/openssl/*, lib/libcrypto.a, and
> lib/libssl.a (is anything else needed, by the way?) to
> ~/sbctools/arm-2007q3/openssl/1.0.0a and issued this command:
> ./otp_build configure --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi
> --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/opt/erlang
> erl_xcomp_sysroot=~/sbctools/arm-2007q3 --disable-smp
> --disable-megaco-flex-scanner-lineno
> --disable-megaco-reentrant-flex-scanner --without-termcap
> --without-javac --with-ssl=~/sbctools/arm-2007q3/openssl/1.0.0a
> Surprisingly, this gives
> configure: error: Invalid path to option --with-ssl=PATH (not a
> subdirectory to cross system root)
> Certainly ~/sbctools/arm-2007q3/openssl/1.0.0a is a subdirectory of
> ~/sbctools/arm-2007q3. I've tried to supply the path from the cross
> system root instead (i.e. --with-ssl=openssl/1.0.0a), but this doesn't
> work either. How can I fix this?
> Yours, Alexey Romanov

otp_build expands tilde for erl_xcomp_sysroot, but not for --with-ssl, 
so if you use absolute paths beginning with / it should work.

You seem to use an r13 since the ssl path isn't required to have any 
relation to the sysroot in r14. The problem should also go away if you 
use r14 instead of r13.

Rickard Green, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB.

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