[erlang-questions] erlang:max/2 and erlang:min/2

Toby Thain toby@REDACTED
Tue Sep 14 06:48:04 CEST 2010

On 13-Sep-10, at 10:41 AM, Nicholas Frechette wrote:

> ...
> *** Side note ***
> Also, while it is true the ternary operator can't always be used as an
> l-value, some compilers still allow it as it must have been once  
> part of the
> standard.

While I haven't internalised the relevant standards the way ROK has,  
there's no reason to assume this was EVER 'standardised' behaviour.  
Vendors will make arbitrary and/or egregious divergences from  
standards. That's the problem.


> ...snipped anecdotes...

> Alas, I digress.
> Nicholas

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