ACM Erlang Workshop is almost here: 30 September 2010

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Fri Sep 3 19:22:36 CEST 2010

Good afternoon, everyone.  The 2010 ACM Erlang Workshop is now less
than a month away.  There are plenty of seats still available, so
please make your registration & travel plans now to Baltimore,
Maryland, USA.  :-)

The URL has the full program
& schedule.  We're happy to have David Smith from Basho Technologies
as our invited speaker(*).  The title of his talk is "Concurrent
Life, the Universe, and Everything Rebar"

We will also be adding 5-minute lightning talks at the end of the
day, as many as we can fit in before they kick us out of the room
at 6pm.

I'll include a synopsis of the schedule below.  The papers this
year are excellent.  Several of them are going to spark a lot of
discussion & debate: at lunch, at session breaks, and over dinner
and beer/whiskey/beverage-of-your-choice afterward.

Also, I suggest that you look at the CUFP program (Commercial Users
of Functional Programming) for lots of interesting tutorials and

I look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

Workshop Chair, 2010 ACM Erlang Workshop


   Keynote Address
     * Invited Talk: David Smith, Basho Technologies: "Concurrent Life,
       the Universe, and Everything Rebar"

   Testing and Programming
     * From Test Cases to FSMs: Augmented Test Driven Development and
       Property Inference. Thomas Arts and Simon Thompson
     * Coordinating and Visualizing Independent Behaviors in Erlang. Guy
       Wiener, Gera Weiss, and Assaf Marron

   Theory and Practice
     * A Unified Semantics for Future Erlang. Hans Svensson, Lars-Åke
       Fredlund, and Clara Benac Earle
     * Chain Replication In Theory and in Practice. Scott Lystig Fritchie

   Language Issues and Extensions
     * Analysis of Preprocessor Constructs in Erlang. Róbert Kitlei,
       István Bozó, Tamás Kozsik, Máté Tejfel, and Melinda Tóth
     * Generic Load Regulation Framework for Erlang. Ulf Wiger

   Implementations, Tools, and Demos
     * Implementing a Multiagent Negotiation Protocol in Erlang. Alvaro
       Fernandez, Clara Benac Earle, and Lars-Åke Fredlund
     * QuickChecking Refactoring Tools. Dániel Drienyovszky, Dániel
       Horpácsi, and Simon Thompson
     * Using Erlang to Implement an Autonomous Build and Distribution
       System for Software Projects. Tino Breddin

   Latest news from the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson
   Lightning Talks: 5-minute presentations (strict time limit)
                    until 6pm


(*) In the interest of transparency, David's name was suggested by
other Program Committee members long before I started work at
Basho.  After the PC agreed on David (whose nickname is "Dizzy"),
and he accepted, I've had multiple colleagues from Basho tell me
that they can't wait to hear Dizzy talk ... they don't care about
the topic, they're all certain(**) that it's going to be really good.

(**)  No pressure, Dizzy, honest.  :-)

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