Getting INFO_REPORT level messages into sasl error logger

Armando Di Cianno armando@REDACTED
Thu Sep 2 18:09:19 CEST 2010

Clearly, I'm doing something daft again.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get INFO_REPORT
messages into the sasl error logger. I have an app that starts sasl,
and passes in `-sasl sasl_error_logger '{file,
\"${LOG_PATH}/erlang.log\"}'"`. Error level messages get into this
log. I'm using the error_logger:{info,warning,error}_msg family of
commands to add thorough logging to my app. However, I simply cannot
figure out from the docs if there is a different log level settings I
need to set, or if there's a different log (e.g. sasl_info_logger or
something like that). I've seen options for "setting" the output level
of warning messages, but nothing for info level reports. If I start my
app non-detached, then I see the INFO_REPORT messages just fine in the
output to the console.

Thanks for any help in this matter. Cheers,

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