Accessing function specifications

Svatopluk Šperka sperka@REDACTED
Wed Sep 1 18:38:25 CEST 2010


would anybody know if it is possible to access type specification of a 
function in the same module at runtime ? And secondly is it possible to 
declare different specification for each function clause (yeah, pretty 
dirty but the end justifies the means ;) ? To be more specific, I'll 
outline my problem:

I have a function with several clauses, each of which returns a list of 
tuples of the same size but type of value on particular positions differ 
for each clause. Some return 'condensed' tuples with a list on some 
position (it virtually represents a set of tuples one would obtain by 
making a cartesian product of atomic values with a list, which i do not 
want to do because results could be huge and i have functions for 
processing this kind of tuples).
I would like to use specifications for functions as input for building 
infrastracture for processing their results before actually evaluating 
them because it is part of a larger machinery which needs proper 
settings (and probably optimisation).

Thank you very much in advance!

Svatopluk Šperka

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