Erlang-based opensource publish-subscribe servers

Zvi zvi.avraham@REDACTED
Wed Oct 27 15:10:23 CEST 2010


Just found about pg module (not pg2).

Looks like it can be used to implement pubsub.
For each topic create process group (pg:create/1), then each
subsriber's process joins topic's process group (pg:join/2).
Publish maps cleanly to pg:send/2.

Any ideas, why not to use this module?
I guess process groups use registered names, so that's a
Another problem is, that docs call this module "experimental".


On Oct 24, 9:22 pm, "Zvi ." <zvi.avra...@REDACTED> wrote:
> no,
> I need something lightweight, but able to work in a large cluster (10s of
> nodes).
> The ideas I have:
> 1. Use ets to store mappings of Subscriber Pids to TopicIDs - this ets will
> obviously be a bottleneck.
> 2. Have a process per TopicID, which hold list of all it's Subscriber Pids
> in it's state. Now the bottleneck is mapping TopicID to it's Pid
> 3. Use Ulf's gproc (looks it uses gen_leader abd requires patching Erlang?)
> I currently working on 1.
> Zvi

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