Any particular reason Y dets tables have to always be "named" by an atom ?

Arun Suresh arun.suresh@REDACTED
Fri Oct 8 09:55:15 CEST 2010


I was wondering y it is required that dets tables have to always be "named"
by an atom ?
This becomes especially inconvenient when you have system for eg. where
you'd have to process many short lived jobs.

Ets provides you with an integer TableId.. so even if its named, you can
still reuse the name and wont have to blow up the atom pool. I can pass the
TableId around.
Because dets has this limitation, I invariably end up having to create a
pool for table names and then I have to worry bout writing code to
synchronously acquire a table name and release the same when the process is
done.. and ofcourse i have to worry about what happend the owning process
dies.. etc.


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