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It definitely does. So... what's the cost of such a license? Is the pricing
model transparent, or is it a case of "how much is it worth to you"?


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Jeremy Raymond wrote:
> Hi,
> This seems neat, but isn't much use (to me anyhow) without being able to
> download and run the tool standalone locally. Not sure how many companies
> would really allow their IP to be uploaded to a third party. Maybe useful
> for some Open Source Erlang projects.

This is exactly what we what our intention is!

We want to:

   encourage and allow free use of tidier in Open Source Erlang projects

and at the same time:

   give closed source projects the possibility to evaluate tidier on
   non-sensitive parts of their code as a "teaser" for obtaining a
   license for the tool which, by the way, it is possible to obtain.

Hope this makes sense,


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