Changing HEART_COMMAND on the fly

Scott Brooks scott.brooks@REDACTED
Mon Jan 25 16:50:27 CET 2010

We have a system in production using heart to monitor it.

We have a bug in our startup scripts that we want to fix, but we don't want to take down the running node.

Using heart:set_cmd(NewCmd) and then killing the existing server, I can get it to startup successfully with the new command, but unfortunately it retains the existing HEART_COMMAND environment variable, and so when the new node starts up, and I check heart:get_cmd().  It returns the old command.

I tried a os:putenv(HEAT_COMMAND, NewCmd), and that looks like it adjusts the existing nodes environment fine, but since heart is what restarts the erlang node, it's using the HEART_COMMAND as it exists for the heart process, not the erlang node environment.

I also tried killing off heart so I could restart it with a new environment, but that takes down the existing node.

Any thoughts as to how we can accomplish this?


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